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A colourful illustration of a queer young person is in a careers advice meeting with an adult. The young person is unsure, and the adult is suggesting some different career options.

I'm not sure

Not knowing what to do next is totally natural. There are lots of different options and so many paths you could take!

Take a look at Chimtengo’s story

Chimtengo says, “First and foremost, I would say to any queer young person who is unsure about what to do with their future: same! I still do not have a clear path of where I want to go career-wise, but I would say utilise the passions you have in figuring out what that looks like for you.” 

Watch Tim’s story.

Tim says, “Paths can change. And it's just good to actually go into something, yes, 100%, but also know that it doesn't have to be forever. Don't scare yourself, because if I told myself as a teenager that this was going to be forever, I don't think I would have done it.” 

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Aviva x Stonewall Young Futures

Head to this page to discover career options from our corporate partner, Aviva. Hear from employees at Aviva about what it's like to be LGBTQ+ in the workplace and how the Pride staff network supports everyone.

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