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LGBTQ+ Staff Network Groups

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This page will help you learn about LGBTQ+ Staff Network Groups, what they are and why you should get involved!

Joining a new workplace can be scary for anyone. As LGBTQ+ people, meeting other people at work who share your identity can be a great way to settle in.

Many workplaces have internal groups for LGBTQ+ employees. These are LGBTQ+ staff network groups (sometimes called an employee resource group).

These groups are led by LGBTQ+ employees and they play an important role in improving LGBTQ+ workplace equality in the UK and across the world.

If your workplace, or the workplace you’re applying to, doesn’t have an LGBTQ+ staff network group – you might be able to set one up!

Staff network groups often also exist for other groups including disabled staff, people of colour and people of faith.

Why should you join a staff network group?

1. To become part of a community

Network groups are a great way to meet other LGBTQ+ people at work. They can also provide confidential support on any issues you don't feel comfortable discussing with your manager. Sometimes networks collaborate across sectors which a great way to meet and learn from peers in other organisations. Different staff networks within organisations often work together on intersectional issues, helping to ensure that inclusion activities support those who are most marginalised.

2. To help raise awareness

Network groups often run initiatives, such as panel events and social media campaigns, to explore LGBTQ+ issues. These activities increase the visibility of LGBTQ+ people at work, helping to create an environment where everyone feels confident to be themselves.

3. To advise management and create change

Network groups often help to review workplace policies and practices, such as ensuring that employee benefits are fully LGBTQ-inclusive.

4. To support local LGBTQ+ communities

Network group activities such as fundraising and attending Pride events often reach beyond just staff, to customers, service users and local communities.

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