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A colourful illustration of a gathering of diverse LGBTQ+ young people. They are standing in front of a youth centre, and they have different gender expressions and ethnicities. They are all smiling and standing close together.

Youth Groups

We know how important community is. Friends to share frustrations, successes, and laughs with. Other LGBTQ+ people who understand what you’re going through when you think about your future.

Use some of the tools below to find LGBTQ-inclusive and LGBTQ-specific youth groups in your area.

Please be aware that links are provided for signposting purposes. Stonewall is not affiliated with listed organisations or responsible for the content of external websites.

The Proud Trust

You can find local LGBTQ+ youth groups and meet people like you using this tool. Just pop in your location and choose which type of youth group you’re looking for

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