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List of workplace resources

A list of all our currently available resources for creating an LGBTQ+ inclusive workplace. Make sure to check back as new guides are added regularly.

Resources marked with a🔒are for Diversity Champions or Global Diversity Champions. Log in to access the resource, or find out more about joining the leading programme for LGBTQ+ workplace inclusion.

UK resources

Policies & benefits

🔒Facilities FAQs

🔒Inclusive Policy Toolkit: Part 1: Embedding LGBTQ+ inclusion in all policies

🔒Inclusive Policy Toolkit: Part 2: Discrimination, bullying and harassment policies

🔒Inclusive Policy Toolkit: Part 3: Family and leave policies

🔒Inclusive Policy Toolkit: Part 4: Trans inclusion policies

Recruitment, inductions & exit processes

🔒The Employee Lifecycle

Helping Out: recruiting and supporting LGBTQ+ volunteers

Empowering individuals

Coming soon

Network groups

Setting up an LGBT employee network group

🔒Finding your collective voice

🔒Maximising the impact of your LGBT network (webinar)

🔒Securing senior buy-in


🔒Understanding LGBT experiences: a guide for equalities monitoring in the UK

Service delivery & community engagement

🔒Delivering LGBT-inclusive face-to-face services

🔒Delivering LGBT-inclusive digital services

🔒Delivering LGBT-inclusive phone services

Identity-specific work

Workplace trans inclusion hub

🔒Bi Your Side: Meeting the needs of bi staff in the workplace

Ace Inclusion in the Workplace

🔒Creating a safe & open workplace environment for ace staff

🔒4 steps to building an ace-inclusive employee network group


Top tips for senior leaders to get started with LGBTQ+ inclusion

🔒Why visible allies in senior leadership matter

🔒Common barriers for senior leaders

🔒Recruiting and supporting a formal Senior Champion

🔒Standing up for LGBT inclusion

Supply chains

Creating LGBTQ+ inclusive supply chains

🔒Step 1: create an inclusive tendering process

🔒Step 2: hold your suppliers to account

🔒Step 3: engage and collaborate with your suppliers

Workplace Equality Index support series


Global resources


🔒Agents of Change: A guide to LGBT advocacy for businesses

Equal Workplaces - Advocacy Approaches

Community engagement

🔒Acting with Pride: A guide supporting businesses to engage authentically with Prides around the world

🔒Making the most of Pride season around the world (webinar)

Side by Side: A Global Guide to Building Business and Civil Society Partnerships for LGBTQ+ Rights

🔒 Side by Side - additional resources


🔒Do Ask, Do Tell: Capturing data on sexual orientation and gender identity globally

🔒GDPR guide: Capturing data on sexual orientation and gender identity under the GDPR in the European Union


🔒Studying Abroad

🔒Safe Travels: Global Mobility for LGBT Staff

🔒Global mobility for LGBT staff (webinar)


Equal Workplaces - Best Practice Guide

Global workplace briefings

Trans inclusion in the global workplace

First steps to trans inclusion in a global workplace context (webinar)

🔒Part 1: Introduction to trans inclusion in the global workplace

🔒Part 2: Ensuring global policies are trans inclusive 

🔒Part 3: Creating global transitioning at work policies

🔒Part 4: Establishing trans inclusive benefits and workplaces