Tom Bosworth
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Man in a running costume holding a medal

Tom Bosworth

Tom Bosworth is a multiple world and British record holding race walker. After a breakthrough Olympic performance, setting a new British 20km record and finishing sixth place, Tom has gone on to win a Silver medal while captaining the England team at the 2018 Commonwealth Games, and finished top eight again at the 2019 World and 2018 European Championships. Tom also became Team GB’s first openly gay track and field athlete after publicly coming out on national TV back in 2015.

Tom's hopes for LGBTQ+ equality in sport

After coming out in 2015, I believed we’d see more and more sportsmen and women coming out, to the point that within the next five years it would no longer be newsworthy when an LGBT athlete opened up. Four years down the line and we still aren’t close to removing the stigma within sport. This is why we must continue to help the sporting community to better understand the support athletes require, as well as tackling prejudice within sporting environments to make them safe and welcoming places for all people. After all, sport should judge people purely on their talent, not on the colour of their skin, their faith, or who they love.

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