Philippa York
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Philippa York

Philippa York was born in Glasgow. She has two grown-up children and currently lives in the south of England with her partner, Linda. She was a professional cyclist, competing at the highest level in Europe for 16 years. She holds a second degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do and still exercises regularly.

She transitioned nearly two decades ago and is a contributor to all forms of media, from written to visual, using her expertise in elite sport. Her experiences as a successful sportsperson and respected journalist allow her to communicate with intelligence and authority on the differing aspects of what can only be described as a fairly unique life. 

Philippa’s hopes for LGBTQ+ equality in sport

Many members of the LGBT community feel intimidated or excluded from sporting activities through fear of prejudice so going forward the message that sport is open to everyone regardless of sexuality, race, colour or gender needs to be promoted. 

Having access to sport, either participating or spectating, is one of the fundamentals of leading a healthy and fulfilling life – not only in a physical sense but also for the mental wellbeing that it can bring. Ensuring sport is fun and open to everyone is a challenge, but it’s one I hope to see overcome rapidly using the power of education.

Read Philippa’s articles on Cycling News and follow her on Twitter.

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