Lizzie Williams
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Person in a racing wheelchair

Lizzie Williams

Lizzie Williams is a British athlete competing internationally as a wheelchair racer on the track. She is a big believer in turning wounds into wisdom, and seeing purpose through the pain. She is proud to describe herself as a queer individual who's in love with a Swiss Norwegian, a chocolate enthusiast, and ironically a sneaker freak.

Lizzie’s hopes for LGBTQ+ equality in sport

Sport has always meant freedom to me. But so many LGBT people can’t be their authentic self in sport. My hope is to make sport a more inclusive and welcoming place for EVERYONE! Sport is for everyone, and it naturally doesn't discriminate because it's about the passion we have and the desire to do our best. The sport world needs to recognise that LGBT inclusion improves everyone’s experience. Everyone deserves the opportunity to access sport without anxiety or hesitation, and to be able to progress within a sport knowing they are supported by their team and governing bodies.

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