Beth Fisher
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Beth Fisher

Beth joined ITV Wales as their sports reporter in 2019, after a 15-year career playing hockey on the international stage. Beth enjoys commentating and reporting on a variety of sports.  While homophobia, biphobia and transphobia still exist, Beth passionately believes in the importance of athletes rising above the parapet and being visible in their support for equality and diversity.  

Beth’s hopes for LGBTQ+ equality in sport.

Enough is enough. A sports pitch, track or pool doesn’t judge or discriminate. So neither should teammates and fans. The beauty of sport is that it really can be a sanctuary from ‘real life’. Either just to keep fit and chat to friends, or as a place where you can win Olympic medals and world titles. And that sanctuary should be available to everyone. My hope is for us all to stand as one team to fight against the discrimination that still exists in stands and in boardrooms. Think of me as your teammate and let’s win this fight together. 

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