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International resources

A key part of our work is producing guides, briefings and campaign materials for the public, as well as for policy-makers. Some of our resources include:

Equal Workplaces, Equal Rights

An eLearning course and resources on increasing LGBTQ+ employment rights and workplace inclusion across the Commonwealth.

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India Workplace Equality Index 2020

Celebrating the winners of the India Workplace Equality Index.

Equal Workplaces - Best Practice Guide

Engaging with LGBT+ advocates

A guide for UK officials working abroad.

Equal Workplaces - Advocacy Approaches

International Campaigners Toolkit

The International Campaigners Toolkit highlights campaigning best practices developed by LGBT activists in Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Russia and Ukraine.

Access to Justice (English)

Access to Justice (Albanian)

Access to Justice Toolkit

The Access to Justice Toolkit features examples of positive change in addressing LGBT violence from LGBT rights campaigners in the Western Balkans and Turkey.

Access to Justice (Serbo-Croatian)

Engaging with LGBT+ advocates

India Workplace Equality Index 2020

LGBT Inclusion and Sustainable Development Goals

This policy brief is designed for charities, governments and other organisations involved in aid-spending and international development. The guide will help them to understand the issues and include LGBT people in their programmes. It suggests practical actions and provides best-practice examples from around the world.

The UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were agreed by 193 governments and will set the agenda for international cooperation for the next 15 years.

International Campaigners Toolkit (Russian)

Engaging the UK Government

This is a guide to help LGBT people and their allies to access support from the UK Government overseas and available below in English, French and Spanish.

The UK Government is a major international actor, represented in over 150 countries. Through its local missions (British Embassies and High Commissions) the UK Government has a responsibility to support LGBT human rights organisations wherever possible and to work for LGBT equality more broadly.

Engaging the UK Government (English)

Engaging the UK Government (French)

Engaging the UK Government (Spanish)

Christian Role Models 

The 20 stories in this booklet tell of LGBT people who have reconciled their sexuality and/or gender identity with their faith, and of non-LGBT Christians who believe that accepting and affirming LGBT poeple is the Christ-like response.

LGBT Inclusion and the Sustainable Development Goals

International Campaigners Toolkit (English)


Further resources

ILGA World (2019) - State Sponsored Homophobia Report

ILGA World (2017) - Sexual Orientation Laws

ILGA World (2017) - Trans Legal Mapping Report

ILGA World and RIWI (2017) - Global Attitudes Survey on Sexual, Gender and Sex Minorities

  • TGEU provides more detailed maps and reports on the legal situation for trans people around the world, including transphobic hate crimes.
  • The United Nation’s 'Free & Equal Campaign’ is the first UN public campaign to address LGBT rights issues.
  • IGLHRC and Arc International are great places to go for information on advocating for LGBT human rights issues at the UN.
  • The Institute of Development Studies has this useful tool-kit on sexual rights and social justice around the world.
  • Funders for LGBTQ Issues is a good resource for international LGBT organisations seeking funding.

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