Five questions to ask general election candidates about LGBT equality
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Five questions to ask general election candidates about LGBT equality

On the doorstep, in an email, in the street or at a public meeting, please ask your parliamentary candidates about their support for LGBT equality. 

Not only can these questions help you make up your mind who to vote for, but they also show candidates that LGBT equality matters to the people they want to represent.

The decisions our MPs make affect every aspect of our lives. They have a say on everything from our education system, and whether schools teach about LGBT families, to criminal justice and how LGBT victims of crime are supported. They even have a say on our legal existence – legislating on how trans people can have their gender identity legally recognised. Your voice will make a difference. 

Members of parliament have changed LGBT people’s lives in the past, and they can do it again in future – but only if you ask them to. Urge your candidates to come out in support of LGBT equality this general election. 

Who are my local candidates?

Find out who your local candidates are.

Five questions to ask your candidates

If you only have time to ask one question – make it this one:

  • If elected, what will you and your party do to protect and extend LGBT equality?

These questions cover specific areas where MPs can make huge improvements which can benefit all LGBT people:

  • If elected, how will you help create united communities where all LGBT people are safe and accepted?
  • If elected, how will you ensure every LGBT child and young person can flourish?
  • If elected, how will you improve health and social care services for LGBT people?
  • If elected, how will you ensure that the UK actively supports LGBT rights across the world?

Find out more about what Stonewall’s calling for in all these areas, read our full manifesto or Easy Read version.

What can I ask my candidates to do?

If your candidates are keen to know more or want to show their support, that’s brilliant. Please ask them to sign Stonewall’s petition and to share with their followers.