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Two people of colour smiling and holding hands in a leafy, park-like environment.

8 lesbians of colour you should know about

This Lesbian Visibility Week, take some time to get to know the lesbians of colour who are making history – in music, sport, comedy, writing, social justice and community organising to name but a few fields.

Let’s celebrate and support the work and creativity of lesbians of colour in the UK today. Like and follow their pages and listen to what they have to share. Use the hashtag #LesbianVisibilityWeek to uplift lesbians of colour in your life, or lesbians of colour you think others should know about.

1. Jackie Kay (she/her)

Jackie Kay

Jackie Kay is an incredible poet, award winning author and playwright, winning a CBE for her contribution to literature. As a Scottish lesbian, Jackie Kay is an icon! 

Check out her work and follow her on Twitter.

2. Phyllis Opoku-Gyimah (she/her)

Lady Phyll

Phyllis, aka Lady Phyll is a pioneer and leading force as the founder of UK Black Pride. Lady Phyll is notably known for her activism around race, LGBT+ equality and intersectional experiences. 

Find out more about UK Black Pride and follow Lady Phyll for empowering and inspiring content on Twitter and Insta.

3. Gina Yashere (she/her)

Gina Yashere

Gina Yashere is a hilarious and inspiring British-Nigerian comedienne who often includes experiences of racism and challenges faced as a Black woman in her sketches. Gina Yashere is not only a household name, but easily a fashion icon in the queer scene. 

Check out her work and fill your feed with comedy gold by following her on Twitter and Insta

4. Corinne Humphreys (she/her)

Corrine Humphreys

We are exceptionally proud of our very own Stonewall Sports Champion, Corinne. As a gay British sprinter, Corinne continues to advocate for LGBT+ equality and pushing to make sport everyone’s game, encouraging LGBT+ people to get involved. 

Follow her on Insta for some sporting LGBT+ inspo.


5. Saima Razzaq (she/her)

Saima Razzaq

Saima is a leading community activist and founder of Boatel Birmingham “A floating hotel & kitchen in the heart of Brum City Centre.... providing waterways access for Black People & People of Colour”. Saima is notably known for advocating LGBT+ inclusive education and was the first Queer Muslim woman to lead a pride event in the UK. Follow Saima on Twitter.  

6. Char Bailey (she/her)

Char Bailey

If there is anyone that wears multiple hats, it’s Char Bailey. Advocate for mental health and autism, personal performance coach and co-host to Apple award winning podcast Qmmunity. Char is also an Education and Inclusion Officer for UK Black Pride, as well as a workshop facilitator in schools, focusing on self-awareness, confidence and resilience. 

Learn about the diversity of Char’s work.

7. Denise Henry (she/her)

Denise Henry

Co-founder of the National Education Union’s Black LGBT+ Educator's network, the only network of its kind. Denise (she/her) is a champion for working hard to show LGBT+ education staff are represented in their trade union and profession.

Check out her Twitter.

8. Amazin LêThị (she/her)

Amazin LeThi

Another incredible Stonewall Sport’s Champion that we are proud to celebrate is Amazin LêThị. Amazin is one of the leading voices advocating LGBTQ+ inclusion in sports globally.

Read more about Amazin’s story and follow her on Instagram and Twitter.

Happy Lesbian Visibility Week to all lesbians of colour! Remember to lift up the lesbians of colour in your life using the hashtag #LesbianVisibilityWeek.

You can find info about black LGBT+ organisations here and a range of LGBT+ inclusive organisation here.

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