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5 LGBT disability organisations you should support

To mark the start of Disability History Month, Stonewall’s Accessibility Forum co-chairs are highlighting five LGBT disability organisations and collectives you should be supporting.         

Become a better ally to the LGBT disabled community by learning more about these organisations and their incredible work.

Brownton Abbey

Created by queer black and brown disabled people, Brownton Abbey is a political performance party that creates spaces which centre, celebrate and elevate the disabled QTIBPOC community. Through these spaces the collective paves the way towards intersectional and accessible arts, community and activism.


ParaPride is committed to helping disabled people fully engage with the LGBT community and all its activities. The charity works with venues, public spaces and online platforms to create inclusive events that cater to the needs of all those living with disabilities, mental health and chronic health conditions, and impairments. They hosted the first London ParaPride in 2019.


Established in 1989, Regard raises awareness, offers support and combats social isolation for LGBTQ disabled people. They follow the Social Model of Disability, which believes society must remove systematic barriers that deny disabled people equal inclusion and rights.

Deaf Rainbow UK

Deaf Rainbow is a volunteer-led LGBT organisation providing, and advocating for, access for queer deaf and hard of hearing (HOH) people across the UK. They provide information, awareness, support and representation for deaf LGBT people.

Disabled, Queer and Here

In 2018, Wayne Allingham launched Disabled, Queer and Here, a performance show featuring talented LGBT disabled people. The events showcase a range of performance art, including drag, poetry, dance and song. The group aims to break down barriers and increase awareness, inclusion, diversity and accessibility for LGBT disabled people.

Looking for further resources? Take a look at this list of support services for disabled LGBT people.