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Rainbow Britain Report (2022)

Published in October 2022

For decades now, we have seen a steady increase in social acceptance of lesbian, gay and bi relationships, and steady increase in the percentage of the population who identify as lesbian, gay or bi. Measuring the trans population and attitudes to trans people through social surveys is a newer phenomenon, so we don’t have the same longitudinal data.

This groundbreaking report using data from Ipsos UK paints a picture of a Britain that is becoming a Rainbow Nation.

LGBTQ+ people, our lives and experiences are now more visible than they have ever been - in every community, and in all aspects of life, in Great Britain.

This is our Rainbow Britain: a society in which LGBTQ+ people are coming out to ourselves and the world around us in ever greater numbers, and a world in which every community and every family is building bonds of love and friendship with LGBTQ+ people.

You can also read our Rainbow Cymru report, which paints a picture of the social acceptance of lesbian, gay, bi and trans people in Welsh society.


Download report (PDF)