LGBT History Month Packs 2021
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LGBT History Month Packs 2021 - Reception to Post-16

Published in December 2020

This LGBT History Month, we’re focussing on the lives and work of some courageous LGBT women. LGBT History Month was founded by Schools Out, who have been campaigning for LGBT inclusive education for 47 years. 

We know that Covid-19 means that school & college staff are having to adapt to work in different circumstances and that parents and carers are rising to the challenge of supporting their children as they learn from home. Now more than ever, we need to come together and help each other. That's why we've created these fully resourced lesson packs, with home learning pack versions too. Whether children and young people are learning in the classroom, digitally at home or with paper based resources, there's something for them.

Our LGBT History Month Packs are tailored to different ages from Primary to Post-16, as well as different learning needs. Adapt the content to best suit your context, mix and match from different packs if that works for you and the children and young people you are supporting.


Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 or Scottish P1 to P3

Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 - Lesson pack

Reception, Year 1 and Year 2- Home learning pack

Reception or P1 PowerPoint

Reception or P1 eBook

Year 1 & 2 or P2 & P3 PowerPoint

Year 1 & 2 or P2 & P3 eBook

Key Stage 2 or Scottish P4 to P6

Key Stage 2 P4 to P6 - Lesson pack

Key Stage 2 P4 to P6 - Home learning pack

Year 3 and 4 P4 P5 PowerPoint

Year 5 and 6 P6 P7 PowerPoint


Secondary - Lesson pack

Secondary  - Home learning pack

Key Stage 3 or P1 to P3 PowerPoint

Key Stage 4 or P4 & P5 PowerPoint


Post-16 - Lesson pack

Post-16  - Home learning pack

Post-16 PowerPoint


SEND/ALN/ASN - Lesson pack

SEND/ALN/ASN - Home learning pack

SEND/ALN/ASN PowerPoint Version 1 

SEND/ALN/ASN PowerPoint Version 2 (Widgit symbol supported)

SEND/ALN/ASN eBook Version 1 

SEND/ALN/ASN eBook Version 2 (Widgit symbol supported)

SEND/ALN/ASN Workbook - trickier version

SEND/ALN/ASN Workbook - standard version (Widgit symbol supported)

SEND/ALN/ASN Workbook - simpler version (Widgit symbol supported)