Black History Month 2020 - Ivor Cummings and the Windrush
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Black History Month 2020 - Ivor Cummings and the Windrush Lesson Packs

Published in September 2020

We’ve designed these lesson plans to help you ensure that your Black History Month work is LGBT inclusive. Use the resources to teach about the role of Ivor Cummings in helping those how migrated on the Windrush.

Choose the activities to best suit the needs of your class and to fit the amount of time you have available. We have also developed lesson plans on this theme for students with SEND/ASN/ALN. Each lesson has a PowerPoint that you can use to support your whole class teaching. Other suggested resources are noted in each lesson plan.


Click the links to download the resources.


Lesson Packs

Ivor Cummings and Windrush - Reception and KS1 (Scotland P1 to P3)

Ivor Cummings and Windrush - KS2 (Scotland P4 to P7)

Ivor Cummings and Windrush - Secondary

Ivor Cummings and Windrush - Post-16

Ivor Cummings and Windrush - SEND/ALN/ASN



Ivor Cummings PowerPoint - Reception (Scotland P1)

Ivor Cummings PowerPoint - KS1 (Scotland P2 to P3)

Ivor Cummings PowerPoint - Year 3 and 4 (Scotland P4 to P5)

Ivor Cummings PowerPoint - Year 5 and 6 (Scotland P6 to P7)

Ivor Cummings PowerPoint - KS3 (Scotland S1 to S3)

Ivor Cummings PowerPoint - KS4 (Scotland S4 to S5)

Ivor Cummings PowerPoint - Post-16

Ivor Cummings PowerPoint - SEND/ALN/ASN V1 (Widget symbol supported)

Ivor Cummings PowerPoint - SEND/ALN/ASN V2