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Amazin LêThị

Amazin LêThị began her sports career as a weightlifter, which led to her becoming a natural competitive bodybuilder and published fitness author. It was through her personal journey experiencing homelessness and her skill in sport that she launched the Amazin LeThi Foundation.

In 2018 Amazin became the first LGBTQ Asian athlete to appear in the Rainbow Laces campaign. Amazin is listed in the 2019 Australian Pride Power List, the Out 100 list and, for the second year, listed in the Human Rights Campaign Asian Heritage month honours list. Amazin is now training to compete in competitive shooting and aims to make LGBTQ history as the first openly out athlete to compete for Vietnam at the South East Asian Games.

Amazin’s hopes for LGBTQ+ equality in sport

Sport has always been part of my life but I never saw myself in sports, let alone as an LGBTQ athlete, which made me feel very alone and isolated. I never felt I could ever be out because I was always bullied as that one Asian person in sport.

Sport should be welcoming to everyone and no one should feel they should hide their sexuality or gender identity. Sharing my story and living authentically and unapologetically gives me the freedom to realise that my emotions are real, that how I feel inside matters and that I’m worthy of owning the space that I’m in. I want my story to provide a positive message for any Asian athlete who wants to be openly out in sports and to remind them they are not alone.

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