Rainbow Laces
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Rainbow Laces

Play your part.

Though COVID-19 presents us with challenges, we are strongest when we come together. 

Following sport and taking part can give us community, energy and a sense of belonging. That's why Rainbow Laces is as important as ever, and why we all need to play our part to make sport everyone’s game.

This year, we'll be celebrating the impact that sport has on LGBT people, and the impact that LGBT people have on sport.

Rainbow Laces Day 2020 will be Wednesday 9 December.

We'll be sharing stories and considering how we can all play our part in making sport everyone's game.

Join the #RainbowLaces movement today:

  • Sign up to find out more about how you can play your part
  • Use our top tips for making your sport community more LGBT inclusive
  • Read on to meet Stonewall’s Sport Champions, read LGBT people’s stories and buy your Rainbow Laces

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Make your friends and team mates feel welcome in sport by wearing Rainbow Laces. Now available in ace, bi, lesbian, non-binary, pan and trans flag colours.

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I will make sport everyone’s game

We’d like to keep you up to date with how your support is making a difference to LGBT people everywhere. We need your consent to share news, campaigns, events and ways in which you can further support this important work.

Stonewall Sport Champions

Stonewall Sport Champions are leading LGBT people in sport who are determined to make sport everyone’s game.

They’ll stand up for what they believe in, working together and with Stonewall to bring the experiences of LGBT people in a wide range of sports to life and show how we can all play our part when it comes to LGBT inclusion.

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Rainbow Laces in numbers


of LGBT people think public sporting events aren’t a welcoming space for LGBT people.


of LGBT people have been discriminated against while exercising at a fitness club or taking part in group sport in the last year. 28 per cent of trans people have been discriminated against.


of LGBT pupils – including 29 per cent of trans pupils – are bullied during sports lessons.


of sport fans who saw Rainbow Laces agree that more needs to be done to make LGBT people feel accepted in sport.