The Global Workplace Equality Index is the definitive benchmarking tool for global LGBT workplace equality.
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How the Global Index works

Assess your progress on LGBT workplace equality worldwide

The Global Workplace Equality Index is the definitive benchmarking tool for global LGBT workplace equality.

The Global Index empowers organisations to navigate the challenges of upholding inclusive values globally and make progress towards LGBT equality, wherever they operate. It provides organisations with a clear and rigorous action plan for their LGBT inclusion work across the globe.

Each entrant compiles a submission demonstrating their organisation’s performance against a set of best-practice criteria that is accompanied by supporting evidence. The criteria are split across nine different areas of employment policy and practice, examining both global working structures and operational country activity:

  • 1. Policies and benefits: how the organisation develops and communicates LGBT-inclusive policies and employee benefits at the global and in-country levels.
  • 2. Training: how the organisation trains all staff on sexual orientation and gender identity and how this is then adapted to suit their local markets.
  • 3. Staff engagement: how the organisation supports and engages staff throughout the world to become agents of change for LGBT inclusion through global comms, LGBT networks and ally programmes.
  • 4. Leadership: how the organisation engages and empowers senior leaders to advance LGBT equality across its global and local operations, and advance diversity within its leadership tiers.
  • 5. Monitoring: how the organisation collects and analyses data to improve the experiences of LGBT employees across the world.
  • 6. Procurement: how the organisation holds their global supply chain to account on anti-discrimination and LGBT inclusion worldwide.
  • 7. Community engagement and understanding local context: how the organisation works with and supports the wider LGBT community in-country and what strategy it employs to understand the local contexts for LGBT people.
  • 8. Global mobility: how the organisation supports LGBT employees before and during overseas assignments.
  • 9. Additional in-country activity: what additional, innovative in-country work the organisation carries out to advance LGBT inclusion in local markets.

Once submissions are received and marked, all entrants who score above the required threshold are celebrated as Stonewall Top Global Employers. Scoring is confidential between the organisation and Stonewall – as is participation by organisations who do not receive Top Global Employer status.

Following the release of the Top Global Employers list, all entrants who are members of Stonewall’s Global Diversity Champions programme benefit from a feedback meeting with their account manager. During this meeting, they receive tailored feedback on their submission and tips for action planning for the year ahead.

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