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Stonewall statement on World Rugby's announcement

Nancy Kelley, Chief Executive, Stonewall, said: 'We are deeply disappointed by World Rugby’s decision to move ahead with their proposal to stop most trans women from playing in competitions they govern.

'The proposals were based on hypothetical data modelling that has little relevance to the questions of fairness and safety in rugby that the policy review sought to address. Important policies like this should be based on robust, relevant evidence and work closely with trans people playing in the sport.

'Individual rugby unions across the world determine their own policies on trans inclusion at a domestic level, and in recent weeks the Canadian, US and Australian Rugby Unions have come out strongly in support of trans inclusion.

'These rugby authorities understand that inclusion should be at the heart of the sport they love, and inclusion is vital to sustain rugby. Younger generations want to take part in sports where everyone is welcome. They have a choice.

'While the World Rugby guidelines affect much international competition, it’s vital that rugby unions across the world follow the lead of Australia, Canada and the US and ensure that all trans people in the rugby community are supported and welcome taking part in the game they love.

'There is still a lot to learn about the impact of transition on athletic ability, but this does not mean that trans people are not already playing rugby or any other sport safely and fairly. As the world continues to evolve, it is vital that policies expand rather than restrict any sport’s potential to grow and benefit all our communities.

'We stand in solidarity with trans people across the world who'll be disappointed by this news. We will do everything we can to make sport everyone's game.'