Stonewall statement on Layla Moran
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Stonewall statement on Layla Moran

Josh Bradlow, Head of Policy at Stonewall said: ‘It’s fantastic to see Layla Moran MP speaking openly and bravely about being pan and her relationship. We're still not living in a society where every LGBT person is free to be themselves, so having out and proud role models sends a powerful message and helps LGBT people know they have a place in the world.

‘It’s important we remember that coming out must always be a personal decision. No one should ever feel pressured to come out because speculating about people’s identity is not how we create an environment where everyone feels comfortable being open about who they are.

‘Representation of LGBT people in positions of political power is extremely important, which is why it’s great Layla is the first openly pansexual MP. We wish Layla Moran and her girlfriend happiness in the decade ahead.’