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How the Workplace Equality Index helps your drive to be a leading employer

We believe that every LGBTQ+ person deserves a safe, welcoming workplace, where they are free to be themselves and bring their best to the role.

Organisations up and down the country are committed to creating the most inclusive supportive workplaces they can for their LGBTQ+ colleagues. They are committed to leading the way, open to feedback and learning, and they strive for incremental improvements that make the world of difference.

The Stonewall Workplace Equality Index is a fantastic tool to support organisations who want to improve their impact on LGBTQ+ colleagues, as it offers a comprehensive framework to help them target their actions. We offer feedback to all entrants, so that they can see their successes, and use the gaps identified to develop an inclusion strategy relevant to their context.

One of the key features is the anonymous staff survey. In the 2022 Index, we surveyed 79,040 employees of organisations that entered the Workplace Equality Index. It provides rich, organisation-specific insights on how LGBTQ+ staff feel and how your initiatives are working in practice. This data adds to the expert feedback the Stonewall team provide to help organisations as they strive towards being the best workplace they can be for LGBTQ+ colleagues.

Last year it helped organisations identify issues as diverse as low confidence, barriers to progression, and concerns about being open about being LGBTQ+ in the workplace. The intersectional data – looking at factors such as race, gender and different LGBTQ+ identities – helped organisations identify, for example, where LGBTQ+ people of colour had poorer experiences, or where trans people or bi people were more concerned about being ‘out’ with all of their colleagues. Those organisations could then develop their inclusion strategy with a laser-like focus on both the known and unknown barriers LGBTQ+ colleagues experience.

Together with our feedback on a wide range of policies, activities and programmes, taking part in the Workplace Equality Index gives organisations a vital chance to reflect, learn and commit to action that drives their inclusion strategy forward. Other benefits include:

  • The opportunity to be publicly recognised as a Top 100 Employer
  • The opportunity to be publicly recognised with a bronze, silver or gold award
  • A deeper understanding of how to support LGBTQ+ colleagues, partners, and stakeholders
  • The insight to improve levels of staff moral and confidence at work
  • Insights from your own and other sectors on leading inclusive policies and practices

Don’t miss your chance to lead the way over the next year.

Enter this year’s Workplace Equality Index today through Stonewall Submit. The deadline for entering is Tuesday 20 September. We look forward to supporting your efforts to lead the way for your LGBTQ+ colleagues.