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Digital Workshops

Empowered individuals build workplaces, services and communities where everyone can achieve their potential.

Stonewall workshops give delegates an opportunity to learn the latest best practice. They're built using the expertise we've gained from working with over 900 leading employers in the UK and around the world.

We take an empowerment approach to all our learning sessions, the highly interactive workshops blend knowledge sharing and practical exercises to suit various learning styles. We hold the firm belief that individuals create more inclusive cultures through delegates sharing their experiences and ideas, so everyone leaves with practical ways to make a difference in their role.

Our selection of introductory workshops will help you build strong organisational foundations. They provide a valuable opportunity to engage and educate all staff. For those leading on LGBTQ+ inclusion, they'll provide the practical insights to develop an action plan that works.

Our advanced workshops provide a deep dive on specific topics. Some sessions, including those on LGBTQ+ mental health, will further educate your staff. Whereas others provide a framework for teams to learn and plan around specific topics such as service delivery or supporting colleagues.

Introductory Workshops 

Ideal first steps on your journey to LGBTQ+ inclusion or a great way to engage the wider organisation.

First Steps to LGBTQ+ Inclusion 

Session aims:

• Learn more about the impact of LGBTQ+ inclusion in the workplace

• Understand practical steps an organisation can take to be more inclusive of LGBTQ+ people

• Discuss how to apply this in the context of your organisation

Perfect for:

Those working more closely on LGBTQ+ inclusion, e.g. HR and D&I professionals, senior champions, newer LGBTQ+ network groups

First Steps to Trans Inclusion 

Session aims:

• Learn more about trans identities, terminology and experiences in order to confidently articulate the need for trans inclusion

• Understand more about practical ways to create a workplace where all trans people can achieve their potential

• Consider how you could step up to be a better ally to trans people at work

Perfect for:

All staff, network groups struggling to engage trans people, HR and D&I teams. Ideal way to launch transitioning at work policies

Introduction to allyship 

Session aims:

• Develop an understanding of LGBTQ+ identities and experiences in order to confidently advocate for more inclusive workplaces

• Understand why LGBTQ+ inclusion at work is important and the benefits of creating a more inclusive culture on individuals and organisations

• Explore the meaning of the term ally and identify first steps that they might take to be a more active and visible ally

Perfect for:

All staff to learn about their role in creating a more inclusive organisation

Championing LGBTQ+ inclusion as a senior leader 

Session Aims:

• Develop an understanding of LGBTQ+ identities and experiences in order to confidently advocate for more inclusive workplaces

• Understand the role senior leaders play in creating inclusive environments

• Discuss how you as a leadership team can take practical action to make your organisation more inclusive

Perfect for:

Senior leaders, senior champions, leadership teams or boards


Advanced workshops

Excellent ways to develop your inclusive teams or to further educate the wider staff team.

Delivering LGBTQ-inclusive services   

Session aims:

• Understand how to collect and monitor data around the experiences and needs of LGBTQ+ service users

• Learn more about common barriers preventing LGBTQ+ people from engaging with services

• Discuss how to embed LGBTQ+ inclusion in your service delivery and ensure your services remain responsive to the communities they’re serving

Perfect for:

HR and D&I teams or those who lead service delivery teams or design services

Procurement: Embedding LGBTQ+ inclusion in your supply chain 

Session aims:

• Understand the business benefits of ensuring your suppliers are LGBTQ+ inclusive

• Explore how to embed LGBTQ+ inclusion in the procurement process and support suppliers to improve their workplaces and services

• Learn more about how to train your procurement teams and provide them with the practical resources to ensure consistently high standards among suppliers

Perfect for:

HR and D&I teams, office managers, procurement teams

Being a better ally to LGBTQ+ People of Colour 

Session aims:

• Understand more about the experiences of LGBTQ+ People of Colour in the workplace and in everyday life

• Discuss intersectionality and privilege, what they mean in practice and how they impact on people’s experiences at work

• Develop ideas to step up as an ally to LGBTQ+ People of Colour and ensure your work is inclusive

Perfect for: All staff, especially useful for LGBTQ+ network groups excellent opportunity to collaborate with BAME network groups

LGBTQ+ Mental Health: Supporting your colleagues

Session aims:

• Understand more about LGBTQ+ people’s experiences of mental health and wellbeing

• Discuss the barriers that prevent conversations and work on mental health being inclusive of LGBTQ+ people

• Explore practical ways to reflect and support LGBTQ+ people’s experiences in your mental health work

Perfect for:

All staff, especially useful for those working on mental health initiatives as well as for LGBTQ+ network groups

Creating a bi inclusive organisation 

Session aims:

• Understand bi identities and develop the confidence to articulate the need for bi visibility and inclusion in the workplace

• Gain insight into the challenges faced by bi people at work and the effect they can have 

• Explore practical ways to take steps to make your existing work bi inclusive while engaging in bi-specific work 

Perfect for:

All staff, especially useful for those working on bi inclusion initiatives as well as for LGBTQ+ network groups



Sessions will be delivered online by a trained Stonewall facilitator.

Sessions are usually delivered on Zoom for up to 50 staff members, except Championing LGBTQ+ inclusion as a senior leader which is limited to 12.

Sessions are delivered on Zoom and some Some sessions use other tools such as Mural and to engage participants. We can be flexible on the platforms we use and will work with you to deliver in a way that mirrors your systems where possible and works for your staff.



Digital Workshops are an excellent way to engage designed for all staff. They’re particularly useful for those working closely on LGBTQ+ inclusion, senior champions and LGBTQ+ network groups.

We want to hear from professionals from a range of workplaces. We encourage diversity across our programmes, in terms of ethnic backgrounds, people of faith, disabled people and women – and those at the intersections of these identities.



In-house Digital Workshops 

We offer in-house programmes for groups of staff from an organisation. Email to book now or find out more information.


The costs below apply to most of our digital workshop in-house bookings, however our in-house Leadership Workshops are priced differently.

Standard: £1150

Private Sector Diversity Champion members: £950

Public and Third Sector Diversity Champion members: £800

These prices exclude VAT.

We offer further discounts to charities and for multiple bookings. Please email us on for more information.

Open Digital Workshops 

We have now launched our calendar for this years Open Digital Workshops. These are perfect for individuals to attend, to gain insight into key LGBTQ+ inclusion topics. We are running these to mark important D&I calendar dates, including Black History Month, Bi Visibility Day and LGBTQ+ History Month. They are great opportunities to learn and share ideas for creating meaningful inclusion initiatives. You can find the remaining open digital workshops below:

LGBTQ+ History Month Workshop – Creating practical change in the workplace - Tuesday 8 February 2022, 10:30 – 12:30


Non-Diversity Champions members - £75.00 (exc. VAT)   

Diversity Champions members (private sector) - £65.00 (exc. VAT)  

Diversity Champions members (public & third) - £45.00 (exc. VAT)  

Student/unwaged - £12.00 (exc. VAT)


Cancellation policy 

Please see our cancellation policy here