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Student workshops

Our Student Sport Workshops were launched after popular demand – it’s clear that students are keen to step up for LGBTQ+ inclusion in sport.

Since 2020 we have supported over 400 students embed inclusive practice within their Sport Clubs and prepare them for graduate employment.

We know that being on a Sport Club committee is about more than administrative skills or on-pitch leadership. Great student leaders are aware of how inclusive environments can benefit all club members, and how actively standing up for inclusion can positively impact their wider communities.

Support your Clubs and Committees this year with CPD-accredited workshops designed specifically for Student Sport.


Leading LGBTQ+ Inclusion in Student Sport

Our most popular workshop is back for 2023-24 and is updated to help you tackle real challenges in student sport and lead inclusive environments. Access expert-led inclusion training for your Student Sport committees or sign up as a club to set yourself apart!

Perfect for: Student Sport committees (all roles); Sport Club members; AU leaders; student Activators; Halls Activity leaders; sport degree students, and more!

You will:

  • Understand the barriers that LGBTQ+ people face in sport and at university, and the importance of building inclusive environments for everyone
  • Identify tools to tackle LGBTQ-phobic language and behaviours
  • Explore principles of Inclusive Leadership and learn practical steps to elevate your role as a club leader

To book a workshop, email the team.

Championing LGBTQ+ Inclusion as a Staff Team

You asked for it – and we’ve done it! This workshop equips staff to increase sport engagement through inclusive practices, provide real support to students, and advocate for inclusion across your university or college community. Learn from our experts and gain valuable CPD.

Perfect for: University/college sport staff; student union staff; sport leadership teams; coaching leads; scholarship managers, outreach teams, and more!

You will:

  • Develop an understanding of LGBTQ+ language, identities, and experiences
  • Understand the barriers that LGBTQ+ people face and the key role you play in addressing these at university and in sport
  • Explore principles of Inclusive Leadership and plan practical actions to support students

To book a workshop, email the team.

Train-the-Trainer Programme

Our Train-the-Trainer Programme provides upskilling to peer leaders to train other students on the principles of LGBTQ+ inclusion. This approach helps your students take ownership of creating inclusive cultures whilst developing their communication, presentation, and leadership skills.

Stonewall’s Train-the-Trainer programme has been delivered in professional sport environments around the world!

Perfect for: Anyone keen on developing skills in facilitating and with an interest in LGBTQ+ inclusion, including SU / Sport staff, Sabbatical Officers, AU leaders, Club members, LGBTQ+ Society leaders, and more!

We use sport-centred learning methods to equip peer leaders with:

  • Knowledge of the experiences and barriers of LGBTQ+ people in sport, and how to address these
  • Skills and content for delivering short sessions to others in your university/college
  • Transferable skills for employability

To book a workshop, email the team.



To discuss further and to book a workshop, please email the team.

Download our Student Sport brochure

Student Sport brochure