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Sport inclusion workshops

We imagine a world where every LGBTQ+ person can thrive in sport. We want to unite everyone who cares about sport to create the world that we imagine, together.

Sport has the power to bring people together and to improve our mental and physical health. But too many LGBTQ+ people are still not able to thrive in sport.

Join us to learn how to create inclusive environments for LGBTQ+ people in sport.

We take an empowerment approach to all our learning sessions. The highly interactive workshops blend knowledge sharing and practical exercises to suit various learning styles. We hold the firm belief that individuals create more inclusive cultures through delegates sharing their experiences and ideas, so everyone leaves with practical ways to make a difference in their role. 

We’re pleased to offer this overview of the core workshops led by our inclusive Sport experts, who bring over 20 years’ experience working in sport. All core workshops will be tailored to suit your needs, but if you don’t see what you’re looking for let us know and we can work with you to create a custom session.


We offer workshops both in person and online through remote delivery.

In person 

Our in-person workshops provide immersive learning for empowering confidence around inclusion. 

We offer 3 hour or full day workshops to ensure participants have devoted time to explore content and discussions in-depth to reach outcomes. We know time is precious so we ensure taking time out is well worth it! 

Each programme is delivered by trained Stonewall facilitators. We work with you to organise a suitable space in your preferred location. 

In-person workshops can accommodate from 10 to up to 30 participants.

Online delivery

Online delivery is available for select programmes, please get in touch to discuss your needs. Each programme is delivered by trained Stonewall facilitators on Zoom. If your organisation traditionally uses another platform we would be happy to accommodate.  

Online workshops are short sessions of 90 minutes and are interactive and we ask participants to bring pen, paper, or alternative note-taking device to participate in the activities. 

The programmes can typically accommodate up to 50 participants. 



LGBTQ+ Inclusion in Community and Grassroot Sport 

Our most popular workshop is back for 2023-24 and is updated to help you build, recruit and host the most inclusive environments in your sport. 

Perfect for: Everyone, especially community sport clubs, organisational leaders, and coaches. 

You will:

  • Understand the barriers that LGBTQ+ people face in sport, and the importance of building inclusive environments for everyone 
  • Identify tools to tackle LGBTQ-phobic language and behaviours 
  • Explore principles of allyship and learn practical steps to encourage and retain LGBTQ+ participants

To book a workshop, email the team.

Supporting LGBTQ+ Identities in Performance Sport 

In this workshop we explore challenges that can affect performance in LGBTQ+ athletes and how identify practical steps focused around the individuals to encourage successful performance.

You will: 

  • Develop an understanding of the barriers LGBTQ+ face to achieving their potential in sport
  • Explore from why being yourself is key to successful performance for both individuals and teams
  • Identify practical ways to support LGBTQ+ players and coaches and embed this in your values and cultures 

Perfect for: Everyone working or training within performance sport, especially lifestyle advisors, coaches, and performance athletes.

To book a workshop, email the team.

Inclusive Sport Leadership 

This workshop is developed for those who play a pivotal role in guiding and leading within your club/organisation  

You will: 

  • Develop an understanding of LGBTQ+ identities and experiences in order to confidently advocate for more inclusive sport environments 
  • Understand the specific role senior leaders play in creating inclusive environments in sport 
  • Discuss how your leadership team can take practical action to make your organisation more inclusive 

Perfect for: Senior leaders; coaches, managers and captains; and leadership teams.

To book a workshop, email the team.

LGBTQ+ Role Models 

LGBTQ+ Role models brings together people from within the LGBTQ+ community to develop practical ways to be influential in building the practices, encouraging LGBTQ+ participation and advocating for inclusive spaces. 

You will: 

  • Gain insight into and understanding of what it means to be yourself 
  • Explore what it means to be a role model, building motivation and confidence to be visible and influential 
  • Identify practical ways to step up as an LGBTQ+ role model in your organisation/sport environment 
  • Build a network within your organisation or across sport 

Perfect for: LGBTQ+ people in any role in your sport / organisation.

To book a workshop, email the team.

Train the Trainer 

Train-the-Trainer Workshops provide upskilling to potential instructors or subject-matter leaders to train other people in your club/organisation on the principles of LGBTQ+ inclusion.  

This model cascades learning and conversations out efficiently and effectively, allowing people in your organisation/sport to take ownership of creating LGBTQ+ inclusive cultures. 

Train-the-Trainer Workshops are delivered over 2 sessions: Workshop 1 provides core empowerment for future trainers; Workshop 2 covers the curriculum and upskilling. 

Some examples of previous Train-the-Trainer sessions have included:

  • LGBTQ+ allyship for youth and community coaches and session leaders
  • Leading LGBTQ+ inclusive physical education for school PE teachers and coaches
  • Co-creating lessons on LGBTQ+ identities for sport development charity activators

To book a workshop, email the team.


If you'd like us to design something unique to your sport / organisation, please do get in touch to discuss our bespoke content development work.

Some examples of previous sessions for sport partners have included: 

  • LGBTQ+ inclusion in media organisations / for media and communications teams 
  • LGBTQ+ inclusion for global sport federations 
  • Curriculum sessions for young athletes 
  • Leading with an intersectional lens, LGBTQ+ people of colour and sport 
  • Trans and non-binary inclusion within your sport 

To book a workshop, email the team.



To discuss further and to book a workshop, please email the team.

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Sport Workshops brochure