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Still from FIT film (2010, directed by Rikki Beadle-Blair)

FIT (2010) film - DVD and lesson plans

For secondary schools

FIT, a film by Rikki Beadle-Blair, is an intelligent, powerful and entertaining production which tackles the issue of homophobic bullying in a culture where everything from not liking sport to wearing the wrong trainers is 'gay'.

How to use it

FIT tells the stories of six young people – Lee, Karmel, Tegs, Jordan, Isaac and Ryan – who think that all they have in common is dancing. The story follows them as they battle through a minefield of exploding hormones, awakening feelings and homophobia, as they attempt to fit in, stand out, discover their own identities and accept each other.

FIT can be watched as a feature film or used in the classroom as individual stories to explore and discuss a range of themes and issues including relationships, sexual orientation, bullying and respect.

The accompanying DVD booklet and the lesson plans below highlight the main themes and should help staff use FIT with students. FIT should complement the work that schools and colleges are already doing in PSHE and Citizenship classes, but may also be useful in other areas of the curriculum, for example English Literature and Performing Arts. 

Case study

As teacher of PSE and RE I have used the Fit DVD with Year 10 and 11 classes and I have never seen classes so absorbed and quiet! It has led to lots of discussion among the pupils and I overheard one pupil explaining to another how damaging homophobic bullying is. It is an inspired piece of film-making which I will recommend to other teachers.

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Download lesson plans

We've collated a series of 20 lesson plans, which you can use to address specific themes and characters explored in FIT.

  1. Introduction (PDF)
  2. Relationships (PDF)
  3. Lee (PDF)
  4. Karmel (PDF)
  5. Karmel's diary (PDF)
  6. Tegs (PDF)
  7. Jordan (PDF)
  8. Consequences (PDF)
  9. Ryan (PDF)
  10. Isaac (PDF)
  11. Insiders/ outsiders (PDF)
  12. Happy and sad (PDF)
  13. Impact of language (PDF)
  14. Impact of language - student worksheeet (PDF)
  15. My attitudes survey (PDF)
  16. My attitudes survey - teacher's workshee (PDF)
  17. My attitudes survey - student' workshee (PDF)
  18. Relationships - student worksheet 1 (PDF)
  19. Relationships - student worksheet 2 (PDF)
  20. Expressing and hiding emotions (PDF)

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