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FREE (2014) film - DVD and lesson plans

For primary schools

FREE, by Rikki Beadle-Blair, is a powerful, thought-provoking and entertaining film about friendship, families and the importance of being yourself. Stonewall has produced a number of resources including an activity pack, lesson plans and posters, alongside the DVD, to enable teachers to talk about difference and diversity in an engaging and age-appropriate way.

How to use it

Primary school is an exciting time for young people – it’s when they start to make sense of the world around them and begin to think about what makes them unique. Designed in conjunction with primary school teachers, FREE complements the KS2 PSHE curriculum and follows the stories of four young people, Danni, Jake, Linus and Emma, as they explore their identity. Each story focuses on a different issue a young person may encounter as part of growing up. The accompanying DVD booklet, activity pack and lesson plans explore the main themes of each story in more detail and provides staff with ways to use FREE with pupils.

The whole film is appropriate for any young person aged 7-13. The first two stories, Danni and Jake, are designed for pupils at the start of KS2, in years 3 and 4, while the second two, Linus and Emma, are aimed at pupils in years 5 and 6.  

Case study

“I was so impressed and moved by each of the stories represented here…it really did make one feel it was ok to be ‘different’. This film will…really change the lives of many children and families for years to come.”  

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