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Statement on the new Gender Recognition Act inquiry

Today, the UK Parliament’s Women and Equalities Select Committee have launched a public inquiry into the UK Government’s recent proposals to update the legal gender recognition process for trans people.

Inquiries like this give MPs the opportunity to scrutinise the Government’s work on a particular issue, and recommend what needs to be improved.

Stonewall, along with many other human rights organisations, trans communities and allies, was extremely disappointed by the Government’s recent pledge to only put forward minimal administrative changes to improve this process in England and Wales.

It’s important that we all tell the committee why the Government need to go further to meaningfully reform the Gender Recognition Act, and deliver wider changes to ensure all trans people are free to be themselves.

The Government’s own response to their 2018 public consultation showed that a strong majority of people supported positive reform. Trans people deserve to be respected for who they are.

At the same time, after years of delay after delay, many trans people feel exhausted and frustrated.

The ongoing public attention and scrutiny of trans people’s lives and identities is taking a huge toll on trans communities.

It’s vital this inquiry does not whip up more hate and misinformation in its wake. It’s also essential the UK Government continues to stand firm on their pledge to not roll back the rights of trans people.

‘n the coming days, we will share more information on how communities, individuals and allies can take part in this inquiry, which closes on 27 November.

But in the meantime, we send our love and solidarity to trans communities across the UK, and encourage allies to check in and support their trans siblings.

We will continue to work side by side with you to bring about equality for each and every trans person.’

For any trans people seeking support, you can contact a trans organisation near you (find your local organisation), or call the MindLine Trans helpline.