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Promoting equality for LGBT fans and players in sport








Stonewall’s sector-leading Rainbow Laces campaign is supported by TeamPride, a consortium of world-leading brands committed to making sport everyone’s game. Now in its fifth year, TeamPride join together in 2020 to ensure that despite the impact of Coronavirus, Rainbow Laces can continue to drive positive change in the sporting world. Partners include adidas, Aon, Barclays, Coca-Cola, Premier League and Sky Sports. They make Rainbow Laces possible by:

  • Investing expertise and strategic guidance
  • Helping to amplify the campaign message
  • Engaging leading sports institutions and bodies
  • Creating a team of Rainbow Laces supporters through their staff and customer networks

Aon is very proud to be a part of TeamPride and I firmly believe this consortium holds an enormous ability to influence the sports industry. There is still much more we need to do before all LGBT+ people can live freely as their authentic selves. Sport unites us all and TeamPride and Stonewall are committed to making sport everyone’s game by raising awareness of LGBT+ equality this November.

Jim Herbert, LGBT executive sponsor, Aon

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If you are interested in joining TeamPride, please contact Kimberley Mitchell at or 020 7593 2826.

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