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LGBT History Month - Education

Every year in February schools, colleges, youth groups and local authorities across the country celebrate LGBT History Month, which was founded in 2005 by School's Out UK.

We know from The School Report (2017), that two in five of LGBT pupils have never been taught about lesbian, gay, bi or trans people or seen lesbian, gay, bi, or trans issues addressed in class. Metro Youth Chances (2014) told us that nine in ten of all the young people surveyed (around 7000) said they have never learned about bisexuality (89 per cent) or transgender issues (94 per cent). We also know from our experience working with schools and young people that many young people lack visible LGBT role models. 

Celebrating LGBT History Month in your school, college or youth group is a great way to enrich young people's awareness and understanding of LGBT people and issues. This year's theme is 'Religion, Belief and Philosophy', which provides a fantastic opportunity to look at LGBT people who also hold a faith or belief.

Tell us what you got up to this LGBT History Month

We would love to hear from you about how you and your school or college celebrated LGBT History Month this year. You may even feature in one of our upcoming newsletters or on social media. More importantly, your actions can inspire other schools or colleges who may be newer to this work. 

Did you...?

  • Hold an assembly on the theme of LGBT History Month, or focusing on a particular LGBT person?
  • Encourage teachers to discuss LGBT people and themes in lessons during the month?
  • Hold an event (e.g. a quiz or a film screening, using our LGBT History Month Quiz or film list)?
  • Request a visit from one of our School Role Models?
  • Hold a diversity week to celebrate all forms of difference and diversity? 
  • Use our teacher's guide on Working with faith communities?
  • Use the official LGBT History Month website? 
  • Use the Stonewall resources below?

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Stonewall Resources

These posters profiling some of our inspiring LGBT role models of faith can be downloaded and displayed in your school, college or youth group to spark discussion around faith, sexuality and gender identity, or as part of a whole-school display on celebrating difference and diversity.


If you're a young person and would like to find out more about our youth programmes, or access information and services for young people visit Young Stonewall.

If you are currently a programme member and have any questions about LGBT History Month, please contact education@stonewall.org.uk or fill out our form to tell us how this past month went.