Bi Empowerment programme
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What you can do
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Community Bi Empowerment programme

A programme for bi people to explore and celebrate the differences and similarities in their experiences and identities and feel empowered by each other.

As part of Stonewall’s commitment to bi equality, we are proud to launch the Stonewall Bi* Empowerment programme.

It will empower attendees to celebrate what it means to them to be bi and build a collective sense of solidarity.

*Stonewall uses bi as an inclusive term to encompass anyone who self-identifies as being attracted to people of more than one gender.

What the programme offers

The programme will give delegates the chance to: 

  • Celebrate their own and each other’s bi identities.
  • Develop a sense of validity as a bi person.
  • Explore their own journey as a bi person and the shared experiences they have with other bi people.
  • Understand what solidarity within bi communities can look like and why it’s important.
  • Develop strategies for practicing positive self-care and understand how self-care should be a radical act.
  • Create an active and supportive network of other bi people.

Who can attend

Stonewall's Bi Empowerment programme is designed for anybody who’s attracted to people of more than one gender.

We actively seek a diverse a range of participants for this programme. We're keen to hear from people from a range of ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds, people of faith, and individuals of different abilities.

Community programmes

Community programmes are grant-funded, free-to-attend programmes that take place throughout the UK.

We encourage anyone to apply for a place on these programmes, but particularly welcome applications from community groups, third sector organisations and individuals. Due to demand, places are limited to two per organisation.

The next programme will take place soon. Please email to registar your interest