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Top Employer: Clifford Chance

Since 2016, Clifford Chance have repeatedly reached the top 50 of the UK Workplace Equality Index.

This year the international law firm has risen to the top of the list by building on their support for LGBTQ+ staff and championing LGBTQ+ equality across the UK.

Clifford Chance see inclusion as one of their core values and this is embedded throughout their work.

They have clear policies that ensure LGBTQ+ staff are protected and supported, as well as expansive healthcare benefits that include transition-related treatments and LGBTQ-inclusive mental health support.

They build an inclusive culture by sharing information about their commitment throughout recruitment, setting clear expectations during induction of new staff, and continuing to build the understanding of staff throughout their time at Clifford Chance with training, personal stories and events.

Their senior leaders are highly engaged with this work, leading on local action plans, taking on personal inclusion-based objectives, and participating in the firm’s ‘reverse mentoring’ scheme to develop their knowledge with the support of more junior LGBTQ+ staff.

Their thriving LGBTQ+ employee network group, Arcus, provides confidential support and spaces for LGBTQ+ staff to build community. The network also runs a wide-ranging programme of events to engage staff across the firm with LGBTQ+ issues and advises the firm’s leadership on policies and practices that affect their members.

Clifford Chance also champions LGBTQ+ equality beyond their four walls, lending extensive support and pro bono services to LGBTQ+ campaigns, community groups and charities.

Their exemplary work extends beyond their nearly 2,000 UK staff to their 31 offices globally. In 2022, they achieved a Gold Top Global Employer award in our Global Workplace Equality Index.

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