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An adult looking at a booklet with a young person, who is using a wheelchair

LGBT+ History Month resource hub

Resources to help you celebrate LGBT+ History month in your classroom

This LGBT+ History month and beyond, bring LGBTQ+ inclusion to your lessons with lesson packs and resources from Stonewall.

Whether you teach art or geography, in a mainstream or a specialist setting, or primary aged or secondary aged children, we've got resources for you. To help you celebrate LGBT+ History month, we've gathered some of our most popular resources into this resource hub. We're here to make your life easier. This year we're proud to present a fantastic new pack of activities based on LGBTQ+ artists from around the world - that pack is available exclusively to Stonewall School & College Champion members.

LGBT+ History Month was founded by Schools Out, who have been campaigning for LGBT+ inclusive education for 47 years.