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Equal Workplaces, Equal Rights

eLearning course and resources on increasing LGBTQ+ employment rights and workplace inclusion across the Commonwealth

Equal Workplaces, Equal Rights, is a Stonewall Global project with the aims of advancing LGBTQ+ employment rights and increasing LGBTQ+ inclusion in the workplace across the Commonwealth through the sharing of knowledge and best practice with businesses and civil society organisations (CSOs).

Across the Commonwealth, many LGBTQ+ people struggle to access stable employment due to the legal and social contexts they find themselves living in. Many LGBTQ+ people in employment aren’t able to be open about their identities in the workplace for fear of discrimination and dismissal.

Increasing workplace inclusion and advancing LGBTQ+ employment rights are crucial to addressing the socioeconomic barriers which many LGBTQ+ people face. This is critical in Commonwealth states where only 15 out of 54 countries protect against discrimination in employment based on sexual orientation, and less than 10 offer these protections on the basis of gender identity.

Equal Workplaces, Equal Rights eLearning Course

You can sign up and get started today at global-learning.stonewall.org.uk.

  • Laws and government policies
  • Working together – How business can work with civil society
  • Advocating for LGBTQ+ employment rights and access to employment
  • Campaigning for LGBTQ+ employment rights and access to employment
  • Advancing LGBTQ+ employment rights through UN business mechanisms
  • Employee policies
  • Staff training
  • LGBTQ+ staff networks
  • The role of senior leaders in LGBTQ+ diversity and inclusion
Equal Workplaces, Equal Rights: Increasing LGBTQ+ Access to Employment in the Commonwealth Best Practice Guide

We have also produced a supplementary Best Practice Guide. This guide distils down examples of best practices from global businesses and CSOs operating across the Commonwealth, as well as practical tips on creating an LGBTQ+ inclusive workplace and increasing access to employment for LGBTQ+ people from the eLearning Course.

Equal Workplaces, Equal Rights:  Advocacy Approaches for LGBTQ+ Employment Across the Commonwealth

Finally we have compiled a collection of case studies on Advocacy Approaches from our seven CSO partners, looking at their advocacy priorities, strategies, and thoughts on the role of business in advocacy around LGBTQ+ employment rights and workplace inclusion.

Project Partners

This project was funded by the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office and produced in consultation with and with great contribution from seven LGBTQ+ CSOs from across the Commonwealth whose knowledge and expertise shaped the projects direction. Those organisations are:

Bisi Alimi Foundation (Nigeria)

Collectif Arc-en-Ciel (Mauritius)


Pride Circle (India)

Solace Initiative (Ghana)

TransWave Jamaica (Jamaica)

Unnamed LGBTQ+ CSO (Bangladesh)