30 moments on the way to LGBT equality
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30 moments on the way to LGBT equality

Below are 30 key moments on the way to LGBT equality, from the founding of Stonewall in 1989 to the consultation to reform the Gender Recognition Act in 2018. Click on event to find out more about it, and we'll be adding more in the coming days.

Date Moment
1989 Founding of Stonewall
1994 Same-sex kiss on a soap opera opens hearts and minds
1994 Rainbow Project heralds a new dawn for LGBT rights in Northern Ireland
1998 Human Rights Act opens the door to LGBT rights
1999 First Bi Visibility Day kicks off in Manchester
2000 Stonewall Scotland opens its doors – and Section 2A is abolished
2000 LGBT people are free to serve openly in the Armed Forces
2001 Love wins! Age of consent equalised for gay and bi men
2002 Same-sex couples free to adopt with the Adoption and Children Act
2003 Stonewall Cymru opens
2003 Section 28 bites the dust
2003 Freedom from discrimination and harassment at work
2004 Love that dare not speak its name is celebrated after Civil Partnerships Act passed
2004 First Gender Recognition Act gives trans people a way to change their legal gender
2004 UK Black Pride celebrated for the first time
2005 Education for All campaign teaches love and tackles bullying
2007 ‘Some People Are Gay. Get Over It!’ campaign breaks new ground
2008 Prescription for Change – landmark report on lesbian and bi women’s health
2008 Human Fertilisation and Embryology Act – it’s love that defines what makes a parent
2010 The Equality Act – a broad base for fairer treatment for all
2011 Equality – it’s in the blood. Ban on gay and bi men giving blood is lifted
2012 Stonewall starts to work with LGBT campaigners across the world
2013 First Trans Pride in the UK breaks new ground
2013 Rainbow Laces kicks off Stonewall’s sports campaign
2014 Stonewall extends remit to become LGBT charity and begins journey to trans inclusion
2014 I do! Marriage Act means same-sex couples can tie the knot
2017 Historic injustice recognised with posthumous pardons for gay and bi men
2018 Gender Recognition Act consultation begins reform journey toward full trans equality
2018 Lesser sentencing for LGBT hate crimes to be reviewed
2019 Statutory Relationships and Sex Education – a big step forwards


We have made incredible progress toward LGBT equality over the last 30 years, but the fight is far from over.