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Chwaraewch Ran

EHRC ‘actively harming’ trans people, ignoring international recommendations, charities warn

The UK’s human rights watchdog, the EHRC, is a ‘failed institution’ which is recommending the UK Government change equalities law in a way that rolls back the rights of trans people. This course of action goes against the advice of its own national committees

Celebrating Lesbian Visibility Week 2023

Linda Riley

Lesbian Visibility Week is entering its fourth year and it remains just as important for our community as it was when I founded it in 2019. This is a time to celebrate all of our progress, but also...


6 campaigns for lesbian equality you should know about

Stonewall staff

From education to the workplace to building a rainbow family, there are still many areas of life where lesbians don’t yet have true equality. In the 1980s, the decade in which we were founded, '...

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Access to IVF is still a postcode lottery

Prishita Maheshwari-Aplin

Everyone deserves the chance to start a family, no matter their sexuality or gender identity. Unfortunately, as things stand, there are significant practical and financial costs facing many LGBTQ+...


The hidden costs facing potential LGBTQ+ parents

Deepa Lalwani

Photo: Whitney and Megan Bacon-Evans The practical and financial costs that face many LGBTQ+ people who want to have children are unfair and must be challenged. In this article, we explore how...

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Trans Day of Visibility: A Global Perspective

Prishita Maheshwari-Aplin

Trans Day of Visibility takes place every 31 March. It marks a time to celebrate trans and non-binary people, and to raise awareness of the discrimination faced by the community worldwide. It also...

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London Workplace Conference 2024

Everything you need to know about LGBTQ+ workplace inclusion, all in one place.

Digwyddiad Workplace Events yn London
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Statement on the UK Government’s decision to block Scotland’s Gender Recognition Reform Bill

We are saddened that the Prime Minister has decided to block the implementation of the Scottish Gender Recognition Reform Bill, through an order...

Stonewall statement on likely GRR intervention from UK Government

Ending reciprocal recognition of Gender Recognition Certificates (GRCs) from countries that support trans people changing their legal gender using a...

Why does it matter that the World Cup is in Qatar?

Football fans around the world are currently gearing up for the 2022 Men’s World Cup, which is only days away. With all the brilliant support we’ve had for our Rainbow Laces campaign , we’re feeling...

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