Older LGB people

Older people face several issues that concern the provision of social services in the UK. Gay people are more likely to live alone when they are older (though this situation may change in time), and are more likely to be without children.

There are also difficulties surrounding access to appropriate care through retirement homes, who may not be equipped or willing to support same sex partners. Many elderly lesbian and gay people are apprehensive about having to go into a nursing home, and possibly back into a situation where they do not disclose their sexual orientation. Concerns also arise regarding appropriate support and care from care workers, who may refuse to recognise extended “families” within the gay community, or may not allow a person to spend “social time” in a gay venue.

Society assumes that LGB people are young and active; it does not occur to society that older people may be gay too. These issues inevitably have an impact on effective delivery of health care. A thorough needs assessment is necessary to establish the exact needs of older gay people.


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