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Stonewall responds to Conservative Party manifesto 2010

Following the launch of the Conservative party’s 2010 election manifesto, Stonewall today welcomed an election pledge that impacts directly on lesbian, gay and bisexual people in Britain.

Change society

‘By promoting equality and tackling discrimination, our policies, like recognising civil partnerships as well as marriage in the tax system and helping disabled people live independently, will give everybody the chance to play their part. This way, we can make Britain fairer and safer; a country where opportunity is more equal.’ (Page 35)

Reform tax and benefits to help families and pensioners

‘We will recognize marriage and civil partnerships in the tax system in the next Parliament. This will send an important signal that we value couples and the commitment that people make when they get married.’ (Page 41)

Stonewall will be responding to all of the main party manifestoes as they are published.

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