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Workplace Allies programme

A programme to explore what it means to be an authentic and inclusive ally to LGBT people in the workplace

The Stonewall one-day Workplace Allies programme gives non-LGBT individuals the opportunity to explore what it means to be an ally and the space to identify how they are going to create an inclusive environment for everyone. 

What the programme offers

  • Insight into what it means to be yourself
  • Understanding of what it means to be an ally and why it's important to have visible and active allies in the workplace
  • Practical ways to step up as an ally
  • Opportunities to explore and develop inclusive behaviours and approaches
  • Active listening skills and techniques for having good-quality conversations
  • Increased motivation and confidence to become a visible and influential ally
  • A network of peers from across a range of sectors and communities 

Who can attend

Stonewall’s Workplace Allies programme is designed for non-LGBT individuals at any level from any sector or industry.

We want to hear from professionals from a range of workplaces. We encourage diversity across our programmes, in terms of ethnic backgrounds, people of faith, disabled people and women – and those at the intersections of these identities.

Upcoming programmes

We offer in-house programmes for groups of 12 to 36. Email to book now or find out more information.

Two or more clients may share the cost and delegate allocation of an in-house programme by organsing as a cluster. This collaborative approach brings employees or partners together to achieve the aims of the programme and build networks across participating organisations. 

We also offer open programmes in which clients may send up to six delegates or individuals may purchase a single ticket.

Open Allies in Birmingham on 5th September 2019 - BOOK NOW

Programme rates

In-house programmes:

  • £5500 + VAT for an in-house programme of 12 to 36 people for members of our Diversity Champions programme
  • £6500 + VAT for an in-house programme of 12 to 36 people for non-members

Open Programmes:


As a result of the Allies programme, our Vice Chancellor now has a monthly reminder in his diary asking what he is doing as an ally for our LGBT staff in the coming month. 

94% of participants ‘strongly agreed’ or ‘agreed’ that the programme gave them an understanding of what it means to be an ally in the workplace

91% of participants ‘strongly agreed’ or ‘agreed’ that the programme helped them identify achievable ways to step up as an ally in the workplace

Cancellation policy

Please see our cancellation policy here.