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Trans Advisory Group

The Stonewall Trans Advisory Group supports the integration of trans equality across all of our campaigns and programmes. The group reflects a diverse range of trans voices and experiences, with members representing a range of ethnic backgrounds, religions, experiences and trans identities. Going forward, the group will help shape our work with, and for, trans communities.

Helen Belcher

Helen Belcher Helen is one of the founders of Trans Media Watch and she is also currently the secretary of the Parliamentary Forum on Gender Identity. Helen transitioned in 2004 and runs a smallish but growing software company, as well as being a parent and school governor.




Zach Brookes

Zach Brookes Zach is a sports student at Queen Alexandra College in Birmingham. He is currently transitioning and is really passionate about increasing awareness of his journey. His hobbies include playing, and coaching, tennis.




Sarah Brown

Sarah Brown Sarah is an LGBT+ equality activist. She started TransDocFail, highlighting the injustices trans people face in the healthcare system. Sarah enjoys climbing, sailing, and keeps snakes.





Aimee Challenor

Aimee ChallenorAimee is a trans equality campaigner from Coventry. She came out in 2014 aged 16 as she left school. She speaks openly about her experiences as a young transgender woman. She’s previously had articles in the Guardian and the Huffington Post, as well as other websites from around the world. She’s also a Trustee of Coventry Pride and in her spare time enjoys photography,  gaming and reading. Visit her website. Photo credit: The Oxford Union.



Alex Drummond

Alex Drummond Alex is a Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist with research and clinical interests in ADHD, and accredited as a specialist in Gender and Sexual Diversity. She also works as a photographer.




Victoria Gigante

Victoria Gigante Victoria is an actress, make-up artist and backstage manager of the Philippine Theatre UK. She is a graduate of Sunderland University with a degree in Business and Management.




Charley Hasted

Charley Hasted Charley is the LGBTQ officer at Lambeth College Student Union and Further Education rep for the NUS LGBT+ committee. They are a law graduate with a lot of experience working with young people and disabled people. They are also a Dr Who fan and an avid reader.




Ayla Holdom

Ayla Holdom Ayla was in the RAF for 13 years and spent the last seven years as an operational Search and Rescue pilot. She has worked with All About Trans, the RAF Freedom Network as their trans rep, and with The Palm Centre in the USA on US Military trans inclusion. 




Suzanna Hopwood

Suzanna HopwoodSuzanna is an LGBT Soho History guide for Centred and co-organiser of Age UK Camden’s Opening Doors LGBT Outings in Art Project. She works as a “greeter” and mentor at cliniQ, a sessional support worker with the Outcome LGBT Mental Health Support project and has provided mentoring support for LGBT people with PACE Health. 




Surat-Shaan Knan

Surat-Shaan KnanSurat-Shaan is a trans campaigner, international presenter, LGBTQI heritage manager and member of the Stonewall Trans Advisory Group. He works for the UK charity Liberal Judaism and is the founder of the landmark oral history projects Rainbow Jews and Twilight People: Stories of Gender and Faith Beyond the Binary.




Carolyn Mercer

Carolyn MercerCarolyn has held many leadership positions that promote LGBT equality. She is the current Chair of Lancashire LGBT, the inaugural Chair of Lancashire Constabulary's Stop and Search Scrutiny Panel, and a member of IAG. Carolyn is a retired secondary school headteacher and is passionate about education, equality and diversity.




John Lucy Muir

Lucy MuirJohn Lucy is a civil servant in the public sector. Outside of work, John Lucy loves playing guitar, writing and performing songs, keeping fit, travelling, reading, cinema, and spending time with family and friends.




Dr Karl Rutlidge

Dr Karl RutlidgeKarl is a 31-year-old trans man currently living in Birmingham and training to be a minister in the Methodist Church. He has a PhD in mathematical physics and was heavily involved in his employer’s LGB&T network.




Tara Stone

Tara StoneTara chairs Be: Trans Support & Development North; a trans community support, development and campaigning organisation. She is also the Trans Engagement Director of Northern Pride, responsible for Newcastle Pride and she co-hosts the Be: Spoke show on Pride Radio.




Brandon Yeadon

Brandon YeadonBrandon is 45 years old and Zimbabwean-British. His first love is sports, and he has represented both Zimbabwe and Great Britain in the international sporting arena. He is a keen cyclist and until very recently was part-owner of a small business building custom road bikes. 





JedJed lives and works in Birmingham. He is an art psychotherapist and clinical academic researcher in adult mental health and end of life care. He is a Dad to three children and facilitated FTM West Midlands for two years. 




Members of the group were appointed following an extensive application and recruitment process. Please note, some members of the group have elected to remain anonymous, so have not been included on this list.