What you can do

Supporting trans staff in the workplace

Trans staff face distinct challenges in the workplace.

These range from physical spaces, such as gendered facilities, to direct discrimination and harassment based on gender identity. Creating a trans-inclusive environment enables your trans staff to be themselves in the workplace. It also promotes acceptance among staff who do not identify as trans.

This resource series explores key areas of practice for supporting trans employees in your organisation and advice on how to create an inclusive environment for all staff, regardless of gender identity.

Stonewall is grateful to the many trans people, Diversity Champions, and the trans*formation network group, all of whom shared their insights.

First steps to trans inclusion (2016)

Communicating commitment to trans inclusion (2016)

Creating a transitioning at work policy (2016)

Trans inclusive policies and benefits (2016)

Engaging all staff in trans inclusion (2016)

Getting it right with your trans service users and customers (2016)