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What you can do
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Support Black LGBT fundraisers

As allies to the Black LGBT community there are so many ways that you can support, from facilitating conversations in your personal networks about the experiences of Black LGBT people to ensuring Black LGBT voices are centred in all areas of your work.

We would also encourage you where you can to support Black LGBT initiatives financially. For many Black LGBT people and groups there can be barriers to accessing certain services and spaces which stem from discrimination and structural racism.

If you are unable donate, then share this article with your networks so we can ensure those who need support the most can get it.

Our Black LGBT staff have identified some funds live at the moment. Please email us at if there are any other funds you would like us to promote.

Black & Queer Student Fund

Gavin Alexander, a student at SOAS university, has been running panel discussions talking about the various experiences of Black queer people. Gavin is now looking for funding to continue doing this great awareness-raising work. As well as panel discussions, Gavin aims to organise social and networking events for Black queer people, and to support Black queer people with relevant medical costs.

Black Queer Dancer Housing Fund

Harpies, an LGBT+ club that profiles queer performers, which had a weekly night in east London before the pandemic, is running a fundraiser to support two of their Black dancers who are experiencing hardship with their housing status.

Black LGBTQIA+ Therapy Fund

This fund was organised in June to raise money for Black LGBTQIA+ people to be able to access mental health services. The fund has now reached its target but is still asking for donations. All proceeds go to funding therapy sessions for Black LGBTQIA+ people.

Support Black LGBTQ Creatives

AZ Magazine, an online platform created by four Black queer women, recognises the lack of Black LGBT media content. This year they started a fundraiser to raise funds for paying Black LGBT content creators. They continue to provide spaces and events to network, as well as create a fund for Black LGBT creatives, awarding chosen individuals and collectives £1,000 each to create a piece of art. The fund has now reached its target, but is still asking for donations to continue to support amplifying voices.

Emergency Fund for LGBT Black Asylum Seekers & Refugees

Out and Proud African LGBTI is a group supporting African LGBT refugees and asylum seekers in the UK and the Netherlands. The emergency fund aims to support their community during the pandemic, where many are in very precarious circumstances.

Black Trans Lives Matter – UK Support

The Director of Community Engagement for Pride in London, Christopher Joell-Deshields, started this fund this year to support Black trans people to create an organisation fighting to protect them in London. The organisation will provide peer-to-peer, online and telephone support, as well as establishing a Hardship Fund.

Laptops for Black Activists

This fundraiser supports purchasing laptops and cameras for Black activists 

We also wanted to promote some individual fundraisers from people we work and collaborate with.

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