Stonewall Scotland Workplace Conference Programme
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Stonewall Scotland Workplace Conference Programme

Our programme for the day is full of different workshops, speakers and panels, designed to support and give you the tools and confidence to advance LGBT inclusion in your organisation.

Morning Keynote Speakers

We're delighted that joining us in the morning keynote session will be: 

Susan Douglas-Scott, Board Chair, NHS Golden Jubilee and Independent Living Fund Scotland

Susan Douglas-Scott

Susan Douglas-Scott works from home in Prestwick, she has a diverse portfolio as a consultant in equalities, health, disability and social care; as Chair of NHS Golden Jubilee; as chair of the Independent Living Fund Scotland and as a humanist celebrant.  This followed on from her 18-year career in local authorities and non-Government Organisations in the field of disability and health.  In 2016 Susan was delighted to receive the LGBTQI ICON award in recognition of her career-long commitment to equality for all and in January 2019 was honoured to be awarded a CBE for her work promoting Human Rights for Disabled People and LGBT+ people. Susan is committed to being a positive role model as a disabled lesbian leader.

Tressa Burke, Chief Executive Officer, Glasgow Disability Alliance

Tressa Burke

Disability Activist and Equalities Campaigner Tressa Burke, one of GDA’s founder members, has been CEO since 2006, steering GDA from its fledgling vision of strengthening voices and tackling social isolation, to the multi-award-winning community of 5000+ disabled people and groups it is today.

For over 25 years, Tressa has held senior leadership roles in third and public sector organisations developing people led programmes which build voices, confidence and capacity to participate and contribute to families, communities, workplaces and wider society. With personal lived experience around disability as well as the cumulative impact of multiple discrimination, Tressa acts as strategic collaborator with Glasgow City and Scottish Governments across a range of areas including social care, social security and participative democracy. She is currently a member of the First Minister’s National Advisory Council for Women and Girls.

Afternoon session

A Conversation with Mary McAleese, Professor of Children, Religion and Law, University of Glasgow and former President of Ireland (1997 - 2011)

Mary McAleese

Mary McAleese was President of Ireland from 1997-2011, the first Irish President to come from Northern Ireland. She was a founder member of the Campaign for Homosexual Law Reform in Ireland in the 1970’s and campaigned for marriage equality in the 2015 referendum. She was awarded the Rainbow Project’s Tolerantia Award in 2016 and the Inaugural Vanguard Award 2018 of gaze International LGBTI film Festival. She is currently Professor Children, Religion and Law at the University of Glasgow and was recently elected Chancellor of Trinity College Dublin.


Choose from eight interactive workshops led by inclusion specialists. Our sessions are arranged into four best practice streams to help you plan your day. However, delegates are free to choose any combination of sessions.

All sessions are interactive workshops, which will give you the chance to hear from Stonewall inclusion experts and guest speakers.

You must choose two sessions from any stream, one A session and one B session. Session registration will open in early October and delegates who have booked will be notified by email and asked to select their sessions.

If you haven't yet got your tickets book now to learn best practice on LGBT workplace inclusion or find out more about the event.

Starting Out in Inclusion

A1: First Steps in LGBT Inclusion

Starting out on your journey to become an LGBT inclusive organisation can be challenging and it is often diffucult to know where to start. This session will explore the ways in which you can overcome these barriers, helping you begin to formulate a plan for inclusion and bring senior leaders with you.

  • Develop an understanding of the benefits LGBT inclusion can bring to your organisation
  • Understand the first steps, such as setting up a network group, identifying a senior champion and reviewing policies
  • Build a business case and decide the first actions for your organisation

B1:Getting Started: Trans Inclusion

Understanding trans identities is fundamental to creating an inclusive workplace. This session will introduce trans identities, terminology and language and will give attendees the opportunity to share their experiences and questions.

  • Improved understanding of trans identities, terminology and language
  • Explore the challenges facing trans people in the workplace including dress code, pronouns and toilets
  • Increased confidence in understanding what the first steps to trans inclusion look like for your organsiation
Internal Communications and Engaging Staff

A2: Meaningful Action on a Budget

Organisations are facing significant resource challenges which can hit LGBT inclusion work hard. Despite these challenges many organisations are using creative approaches to remain leaders in LGBT inclusion. Through this facilitated interactive session you will develop new ideas and work through existing challenges with other leading organisations and Stonewall inclusion experts. 

  • Understand innovative ideas and approaches that organisations have used to achieve results with limited resources
  • Explore how small actions and joined up working can create meaningful and sustainable change
  • Address some of the real challenges you are facing in a supportive environment in order to create a framework to overcome them

B2: Running an Internal LGBT Campaign

This session will support LGBT staff and allies to explore how to best identify, implement and deliver an LGBT campaign across their organisation. We will also explore ways to amplify the voices of bi, trans & BAME/POC communities as part of a campaign and how to maximise engagment acros all of your organisation.

  • Understand the processes in running an internal LGBT campaign across an organisation and develop how to articulate impact on under-represented groups
  • Explore how experiences of building campaigns can inform network and group development within the organisation 
  • Identify ways your organisation can increase awareness and visibly support bi and trans staff
Networks and Development

A3: Sustaining Resilient and Diverse Networks

It's important that staff LGBT+ Networks are inclusive of all lesbian, gay, bi and trans indetities and those with multiple identities. This session will look at how networks can ensure that they are fully representative and inclusive of the LGBT community, especially of those identities which are often under-represented. This session will also look at how networks can become sustainable within organisations and resilient to change, particlularly in ensuring the network is representing the equality and diversity of all LGBT identities. 

  • Explore how your network can ensure that all under-represented identities are reflected in its activities, membership and terms of reference
  • Address some of the real challenges you are facing in a supportive environment in order to create a framework to overcome them
  • Explore the challenges that can exist to forming resilient, sustainable diverse networks and develop strategies and actions to overcome these 

B3: Establishing Partnerships: the Benefits of Working with Others

We know that working with other organisation in your region or sector can have a positive impact on advancing LGBT equality. These collaborations can forge strong networks of support and sustainability for those working on LGBT inclusion. This session will explore how working in partnership can create more oppportunities to share best practice, knowledge, skills and resources to ensure that all LGBT people are accepted, supported and treated equally across your organisation, as well as in the wider community. 

  • Explore how you and your organisation can benefit from forming partnerships and identify actions you can take to develop these relationships and inclusion activities in your regions and/or sectors.
  • Explore how working with other organisations can assit you with your current projects and inclusion strategies
  • Hear from organisations who have benefitted from forming networks with others in their region and sector to help advance LGBT equality and inclusion. 
Widening your Impact

A4: Going Global with LGBT Inclusion

LGBT staff across the world face numerous barriers preventing them from being their authentic selves in and out of the workplace. With ever-more organisations viewing LGBT inclusion as a core value that transcends national borders, this session will explore how your organisation can begin to turn those core value into a reality, supporting LGBT staff everywhere, whilst navigating different legal and social contexts.

  • Understanding the experience of LGBT people across the world and the role of organisations in supporting LGBT inclusion across their global operations
  • Develop a plan to kick off your global LGBT inclusion strategy taht includes concrete actions
  • Discover different support mechanisms to turn your values into reality

B4: Inclusive Leadership 

Inclusive leaders build stronger teams and more productive cultures, they also play a critical role in driving LGBT inclusion foward throughout an organisation. In this session, you will explore best practice on inclusive leadership theory. You will also share ideas and experiences in order to expand your network and create a practical action plan around key areas where inclusive leaders can have influence in supporting organisational change.

  • Understand the role leaders and managers have in creating inclusive cultures
  • Learn best practice on the theory of inclusive leadership and practical ways to use this in your work
  • Discuss how to work most effectively in key elements of inclusive leadership