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Stonewall LGBTI manifesto - Scottish Parliament elections 2021

The Scottish Parliament election was held on 6 May 2021. We’ll be working with the Scottish Government and MSPs across the Scottish Parliament on the priorities highlighted in our LGBTI Equality Manifesto.

Stonewall Scotland, the Equality NetworkScottish Trans Alliance and LGBT Youth Scotland have worked together to develop an LGBTI Equality Manifesto for the 2021-26 Scottish Parliament.

This sets out our joint priorities for protecting and progressing LGBTI rights in the next parliament, and the commitments we want to see from the next Scottish Government.

Download and read our LGBTI Equality Manifesto, and then contact your candidates to ask them to pledge their support for LGBTI equality.

Stonewall Scotland LGBTI Equality Manifesto 2021

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