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Star Performers

Developing best practice to support lesbian, gay, bi and trans staff

The Stonewall Star Performers programme brought together organisations that had consistently demonstrated exemplary practice to support lesbian, gay, bi and trans staff.

In 2017, we asked our Star Performers to share what they had learned about advancing LGBT workplace equality, in the form of a best-practice guide on a topic where they had shown significant progress.


These guides give you practical advice on how to create a more inclusive workplace for your staff and stakeholders. We are proud to share with you the following eight guides:

Accenture: Engaging the Majority to Create an LGBT Inclusive Workplace

Barclays: An LGBT Inclusion Journey - Sharing Effective Strategies for Success In India

EY: Driving LGBT Workplace Equality Across Multiple Locations

Gentoo: Inclusivity Without the Cost

Goldman Sachs: Lead from the Top - The Importance of Engaging Senior Allies

Home Office: Unlocking the Power of Employee Resource Groups

Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust: Leadership in Trans Equality

Simmons & Simmons: Embedding LGBT Equality into Procurement Practices and Supply Chain Management

Note: the Stonewall Star Performers programme ended in 2018 when a new three-year cycle of the Workplace Equality Index began.