Setting up an LGBT youth group
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Setting up an LGBT youth group

What is this guide?

Setting up an LGBT youth group provides individuals and groups looking to start their own LGBT youth group or services with the tools and practical support to do so. This guide is suitable for everyone - from newcomers to the experienced, whether you are starting out small or have the capacity to deliver multiple groups.

What does it include?

The guide includes information on everything from practicalities of starting a group to running activities and applying for funding. If you are setting up an organisation from scratch, we recommend reading the whole guide. If you will be hosted by another organisation you may prefer to select certain chapters from the below. 

Chapters include:

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With thanks

This guide has been produced in partnership with The Kite Trust and The Proud Trust. We are exceptionally grateful for their expert insight, guidance and support.


The Proud Trust                      The Kite Trust