What you can do

Service Delivery Toolkit

Build an LGBT-inclusive service

Stonewall works with over 750 organisations to achieve equality for lesbian, gay, bi and trans (LGBT) people in the workplace. Many of these organisations provide vital public services, including healthcare, emergency services, education and housing.

LGBT people often face barriers when accessing public services, meaning that some will simply not access the day-to-day services they need. However, great services, delivered with an understanding of LGBT experiences, can make a real difference to the lives of LGBT people.

Taking active steps towards LGBT inclusion will ensure you:

  • Meet the needs of your LGBT service users
  • Remove barriers that prevent LGBT people from accessing your service
  • Demonstrate your commitment to the wider LGBT community
  • Fulfil your legislative requirements and avoid reputational damage

This step-by-step framework will help you on the journey and provide the practical tools you need to improve your service for LGBT people.

Service Delivery Toolkit: Step 1

Service Delivery Toolkit: Step 2

Service Delivery Toolkit: Step 3

Service Delivery Toolkit: Step 4

Service Delivery Toolkit: Steps 1-4 (accessible version)

This guide has been produced with the assistance of Stonewall's Diversity Champions, Britiain's leading programme for ensuring all lesbian, gay, bi and trans people are accepted without exception in the workplace.

Find out more about the programme here.