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Scotland Workplace conference programme

Choose from 8 breakout sessions led by inclusion specialists

This programme is designed to give you the tools and confidence to advance LGBT inclusion in your organisation.

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Descriptions and Learning Objectives


Session 1: Being BAME and LGBT in the workplace

LGBT Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic people can face distinct challenges due to their intersectional identities. This session explores how organisations can address these challenges by engaging LGBT BAME staff, customers and service users as well as by supporting and profiling diverse role models.

  • Understand the experience of BAME LGBT people in the workplace and beyond
  • Learn how to empower BAME role models and engage effective and meaningful allies in your organisation
  • Share ideas on promoting and developing the involvement of BAME people in LGBT inclusion initiatives

Session 2: Supporting your trans staff

Trans staff will often face additional barriers in the workplace. This session looks at a range of key areas including policy, network groups and staff communications to provide practical ways to make workplaces more inclusive of trans people.

  • Gain awareness of the specific challenges trans people face in the workplace
  • Identify practical ways to take an individual-centred approach to supporting your trans staff
  • Understand how to ensure your LGBT inclusion work is truly trans-inclusive

Session 3: Getting Started with Inclusion

Starting out on your journey to be an inclusive organisation can be daunting and it is often difficult to know where to start. This session will explore the ways in which you can overcome these barriers, helping you begin to formulate a plan for inclusion in your organisation and how you can bring your staff with you on this journey.

  • Develop an understanding of the business case and benefits of being an inclusive organisation
  • Explore various strategies to kick start your inclusion journey
  • Identify an action plan for inclusion

Session 4: Developing networks

The best employers capitalise on the ideas and innovation of their employee network group to deliver LGBT equality from the ground up. This interactive session will look at innovative ideas for how network groups can effectively influence and contribute to organisational priorities, increasing the diversity of members.

  • Explore strategies to use network groups effectively and address the barriers you may face
  • Develop ideas for running creative awareness-raising events and campaigns
  • Explore ways to recruit a diverse membership and develop members careers


Participants of the Senior Leadership workshop in the afternoon will be invited to have lunch with Stonewall Chief Executive, Ruth Hunt where she will share her thoughts on inclusive leadership and there will be the chance to network with other senior leaders from a range of sectors


Session 5: Recognising and supporting Bi identities

Stonewall’s 2017 staff survey showed that just 16% of bi people were completely out at work. This session will equip delegates with a better understanding of identities that fall within the “bi umbrella” and the distinct challenges that bi people face in the workplace.

  • Understand bi identities and develop the confidence to articulate the need for bi visibility and inclusion in the workplace
  • Gain insight into the challenges faced by bi people at work and the effect this can have
  • Learn practical ways to make your organisation more inclusive of bi people

Session 6: Developing a positive mental health culture in your workplace

Research shows that LGBT people disproportionately experience mental health problems compared to non-LGBT people. In this session organisations and individuals will share their experience and expertise to help you encourage discussions around mental health and identify ways to promote positive wellbeing in the workplace.

  • Understand individual experiences of mental health in relation to sexual orientation and/or gender identity
  • Explore how to challenge the stigma surrounding mental health issues in order to promote open dialogue
  • Consider the practical steps organisations can take to support the mental wellbeing of all staff

Session 7: Senior Leadership

Senior leaders have the power and responsibility to drive inclusion for the whole LGBT community. This session will explore inclusive leadership and how senior leaders can begin to use their influence to help everyone achieve their potential, as executive support in these two key areas is vital to enable an increasingly diverse workforce to succeed.

  • Understand what it means to be an inclusive leader in 2018 and how intersectionality influences LGBT identities across a variety of protected characteristics
  • Share best practice on stepping up as an inclusive leader
  • Consider how to address systemic inequalities in your organisation that prevent people from achieving their potential

Session 8: Inclusive Services

LGBT people often face barriers when accessing vital services and when engaging with business, meaning that some will simply not access the day-to-day services they need. This session will allow you to explore some of the issues that can face LGBT people when they are using your organisation’s service and how you can adapt your service provision to ensure that you are inclusive of all identities.

  • A greater understanding of how to and identify and address barriers which may be present for your LGBT service users
  • An understanding of why it is important to engage with your procured services and contractors to ensure that your organisation is equipped to meet the needs of all its LGBT service users.
  • Gain practical tips to help improve the experience of your LGBT customers or service users, and help you address the barriers that may face them when they are interacting with your organisation

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