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What you can do

FREE - the film: posters (1-3)

Get your class talking about FREE with our film poster pack. FREE is a conversation starter. With our posters, you can bring the message of the film...

Love hearts poster

This poster shows that families come in different shapes and sizes, but all deserve respect. Loving families come in many different combinations...

Picture of Stonewall Schools Calendar

Stonewall Schools Calendar 2018/19

The Stonewall Schools Calendar 2018/19 will help you and your colleagues keep track of opportunities to celebrate diversity.

Bi Visibility Day poster thumbnail

Bi Visibility Day posters

Display these posters around your school and celebrate Bi Visibility Day by spotlighting bi role models. Even within the LGBT community, bi people...

Trans person for trans day of visibility

Trans Day of Visibility posters

Display these posters around your school and celebrate Trans Day of Visibility by spotlighting trans role models. You know life can be hard for your...

Stonewall Cymru Gay. Let's Get Over It. posters

Stonewall Cymru poster pack to spread the message that it’s time to get over homophobia. These posters have a clear and simple message: it’s time to...

Stonewall Cymru Family = Love Poster

Poster celebrating all permutations of family, aimed at primary school children.

Stonewall Cymru Different Families Poster

Poster emphasising that there are many types of different families, all capable of the same love and relationships.

Gwahanol Deuluoedd. Yr Un Cariad

LGBT History Month Posters: LGBT people of faith

Celebrate LGBT people of faith this LGBT History Month with our poster pack. Young people need to see that LGBT people exist and thrive in all walks...


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