Vodafone LGBT+ Friends - Network Group of the Year 2018
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Vodafone LGBT+ Friends - Network Group of the Year 2018

The Vodafone LGBT + Friends network connects and supports people on LGBT+ matters. 

The network is open to everyone, whether they identify as LGBT+ themselves or not, and supports all employees who may need advice or guidance. It champions inclusion and celebrates diversity at work and in the community.

The network partners with many different areas of the business to influence change. This includes working with customer-focused teams to embed LGBT+ inclusion into customer care; collaborating with Learning and Development to produce innovative, video-based LGBT+ learning resources; and working with supply chain and travel and security teams to improve current practice. 

The network has continued to invest and develop local branches across the UK and has launched resources for managers and employees including materials on becoming a ‘Friend of LGBT+’, ‘bi-visibility’ and ‘trans inclusion’. 

They’ve also established ‘LBT Women’ under the network umbrella to provide a safe space for lesbian, bi and trans women to connect and engage. 

The network uses webinars, videos and events with customer and supplier organisations to raise awareness and foster collaboration, often linking these to key dates in the LGBT+ calendar such as LGBT History Month, Transgender Day of Visibility, IDAHOBiT (International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia) and Spirit Day.

Twitter: @VodafoneLGBT