Trans Role Model of the Year 2020: Ricki Kettle
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Trans Role Model of the Year 2020: Ricki Kettle

Ricki Kettle works in Equality and Staff Support Services at the Northern Ireland Civil Service.

As an active member of the LGBT Staff Network’s steering group, she has had a pivotal role in working with the network and the Service more broadly to ensure that the needs of trans staff are met. She was a key player in the launch of the NICS’ trans policy and transitioning at work guide. She is also a member of the NICS Stonewall Steering Group, which involves completing their Stonewall Workplace Equality Index submission and pinpointing potential areas for improvement.

Outside the office, Ricki led the network’s representation at the first Trans Pride march in Belfast and volunteered at NICS’ stall at UK Pride 2019, helping to promote careers in NICS. Outside work, she provides practical help to people transitioning, and most recently volunteered to assist young trans people experiencing homelessness.

I’m proud of playing a visible role in the NICS’ Trans Policy and Transitioning at Work Guide and engaging directly with colleagues who had questions around it.

The NICS is the largest employer in Northern Ireland and getting to speak about this work to 23,000 colleagues was a landmark in my career.”

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